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Mark (Washington DC)

I am LOVING my scooter. People burst out laughing with disbelief when I ride by; and, more importantly, they're not annoyed by it, as they would be with a gas-powered vehicle. I'm so happy to have Go Big's website, thank you.



I live 3 miles from work in urban Washington, DC. Due to an extraordinary
boom in construction, it takes me about 40 minutes each way by car, plus it
costs $160.00 monthly to park. Travel by bicycle is 25 minutes but the
route is a constant incline, so I have to shower and change clothes upon my
arrival -- total time about one hour. It's also extremely dangerous riding
a bike in this city; no established riding lanes and full of scofflaw,
demented, maniacal right-turn-on-red drivers blocking the crosswalks.

I use my Go Big as my vehicle to go to work. I get there in 10 minutes
with no sweat, no parking fees, and HAVE A BLAST doing it! I actually look
forward to the commute to work! More importantly, the scooter provides me
with plenty of reserve power to avoid an accident -- something not available
to me on my bicycle. There are many other valuable features, too. I don't
need a license, I don't need registration, I don't need insurance, I can
cross on red (traffic permitting), I can ride on the sidewalk, I can ride on
the street. Yup, I wear a helmet, I have a bell to alert daydreaming
pedestrians that I'm near them, I have a powerful headlight for night
riding and a flashing red lamp on my backpack. I go EVERYWHERE on it.
People just go nuts when they see me on my Go Big.

I see electric scooters as a legitimate form of transportation for urban
dwellers. They're legal on the streets, sidewalks, and the Metro (DC's
subway system).

By the way, did I tell you I own an 805cc Suzuki Intruder motorcycle, which
I've completely abandoned ever since I got my GoBig?

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