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Comments from some of our customers
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Buster (Lafayette, LA)
19 March 2003

Man, what can I say about it, this thing is awsom!

From: Mark (Washington DC)
To: Go Big Scooters
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002

Hey Eric, the Go Big arrived today -- you were not exaggerating -- it exceeds my expectations (which were pretty high). I also appreciate the exceptional packaging and regular communication. You're a cool guy.

Thanks again.

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From: Jun (Irvine CA)
To: Go Big Scooters
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002

WOWWWW!!!!! This is some scooter! The quality, speed and finish is honestly the best I've seen. I'm very happy (as you said I would be).

From: Bill (Downey, CA)

My first impression when I un-crated it was "Holy Ape Sh^t!" This thing is massive and not for the faint of heart. I am happy to report that its performance is equally impressive. It will go faster than I am comfortable riding it (at this point) and cruising along at a much lower speed, it feels like its just loafing around. Turning it feels awkward right now, but I bet after you get used to it it will be fine. The suspension makes the transition from driveway to street very comfortable and when accelerating rapidly from a dead stop you can feel weight transfer to the rear suspension which at first is a little strange. I also noticed that fast acceleration easily would start to pull the front wheel off the ground unless you transfer your weight forward. It’s not my interest to be a hot dog, I just enjoy the ride. The rear disk brake seems to be pretty adequate in bringing things to a stop. I didn’t try to lock up the rear wheel as I didn’t want to end up on my face but it felt like it would have no problem sliding the rear wheel.

I will post more when I get some more time to ride and I will get some good images posted of the scooter.




From : Michael

Date : Mon, 03 Feb 2003

I have had the scooter for over six months now and it still makes me
smile every time I get on it. Even in the dead of winter I take it
around the block and at 30 mph the tears from my eyes freeze (I should
start wearing goggles). People wave and always ask where they can get
one. I take my nine and ten year old boys to school on it in the warmer
months. All three of us fit with plenty of room. I was worried about
how the boys would do with all of the power, but after about two minutes of instruction they do just fine. I really like the acceleration away from stop signs. I ride it in the bike lane and always beat cars off of
the line and usually all the way up to 30. I like the wide tire because
it doesn't chew up lawns and because it stands up on its own. I like to step off of it when I am talking to people and they are always surprised that it doesn't fall over. I can't wait to get another one!


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